Writing my Airman at BMT

While my three oldest children are away from home, I sometimes have help from Sam in the kitchen.  He has some pretty good ideas, too!  He and I both enjoy sweet iced tea, and he has experimented with some of my flavored teas to make iced teas.  Last week he used my mango-peach tea to make a half-gallon of tea.  It was really good and quite refreshing!  When Sunday morning arrived, I realized that I had not made a dessert to go with our traditional Sunday dinner.  Thankfully I had a box of vanilla pudding mix (horrors! it wasn’t from scratch!) that I whipped up before walking out the door to church. Sam came up with this clever idea to garnish it before I served it.

He took a chocolate bar and finely grated  part of it to sprinkle on the top.  Then he took two pieces of the bar to set on the side.  Yummy!

While Russ is away at Basic Military Training, I’ve been trying to write him letters several times a week.  There are special rules to follow when writing trainees…only plain white envelopes…no colored ones…no packages at all…no scents or perfumes, etc.  There is to be nothing which could draw attention to a specific trainee. We don’t want him to get any special attention…usually in the form of extra PT!  There are lots of ideas given out to parents and loved ones on how to do special things for our trainees…to make them smile during these difficult 8-1/2 weeks of training.

Today I wrote a letter to Russ using words and phrases I found in the newspaper!  It was a lot of fun to put together.  I used the words or phrases in my sentences, filling in the rest with pencil or pen.   This is what I started with:

And this is how I finished:

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