Kids in the Kitchen

It was always fun when my kids helped me in the kitchen. Sometimes they just wanted to be near me while I worked, but other times they wanted to “help.”  Their way of helping often turned into more work for me, but I do have fun memories of their time with me in the kitchen.  Kids grow up way to fast these days! I can’t believe that I no longer have little children in my house!

Recently my niece posted a picture of her two oldest children working in the kitchen. It was just so cute that I had to ask her if I could share it here.  My other niece also shared a picture of her 4-year-old helping her in the kitchen.

I hope you all let your little ones help in your kitchen! Regardless of any extra work it may make for you, you are making memories with your children…memories which will be cherished in the years to come!

Two-year-old Levi looking for a recipe “on-line” while three-year-old Lily gathers ingredients:


Four-year-old Ridley helping his mom make tomato-basil soup:

Ridley Tomato Basil Soup


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A mother-daughter project (our married names both begin with G) to rejuvenate our love of cooking and make meals creative and exciting! And now that I (mom) have discovered the Trim Healthy Mama way of cooking, I am trying to incorporate more healthful recipes!

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