Spaghetti Squash Tumble

I’ve been thinking about cooking spaghetti squash for quite a while now, but just never got it written on my grocery list to purchase.  However, this morning when two bloggers I follow both wrote about spaghetti squash, I knew that today was the day to do it.  I got it written on my list and actually remembered to buy it when I did my shopping today! Sometimes I think that my memory is like a sieve! If things don’t get written on my note pad (often referred to as my brain), they usually get forgotten! This includes my “to do” list as well as my grocery list!  Oh, and today I actually forgot my “brain” when I checked out at one of the grocery stores!  I realized it at my next stop when I went to cross an item off the list. My list was no where to be found.  Had to head back to the store, and sure enough, I had left it sitting at the register.  Sigh….

Anyway, enough of that!  I followed the baking instructions for the squash that I found on my niece’s blog. Baking it for an hour just seemed so much easier than steaming it as is the method given on the other blog.  You can read about the baking method here:

I found the recipe over at Leighann’s blog, Living with Three Hobbits and a Giant.  You can read her recipe here:

I purchased 2 medium spaghetti squash since I wasn’t sure exactly how much I would get from each one.  I think that one large one would have been fine.  I used dried basil and parsley, but that is just because I didn’t have any fresh.  And I used some turkey that I already had in my freezer.  The three men currently living in my home gave me mixed reviews.  My picky eater was just that…he took one or two bites and then proceeded to just move it around on his plate. (Seriously? He isn’t a two-year-old any more!)  The hubs and other son liked it but thought it was a little bland. One added salt and the other added soy sauce. After that, they enjoyed it more.

What is your favorite way to cook spaghetti squash?

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