Silver Wedding Anniversary!!

The last several weeks have been very busy ones for me.  I enjoyed having the best aunt ever visiting with us for a few weeks, and I found it hard (as usual) to say good bye to her last Monday.

On my way back to St. Louis with Aunt Kay, we stopped at my cousin’s home in Illinois.  Mary served a wonderful cauliflower dish for dinner.  I have asked her to share it with me, and when she does, I will share it here on the blog.

In addition to our family excitement of  two engagements and a high school graduation,  the hubby and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary!!  He treated me to a little get-away to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburgh, TN.  I loved it!!  Even though I have lived in the south for over 40 years, I had never been to Gatlinburgh before!  We had a very relaxing time!

One of my favorite stops was the Titanic Museum.  It is amazing!  I wish we could have taken pics inside the museum, but unfortunately it is not allowed.  For the month of June this particular Titanic Museum has the violin and case that belonged to the leader of the musicians aboard the ship.  He was the man who kept playing “Nearer My God to Thee” while the ship was going down.  When he could no longer play, he placed his violin inside the case and strapped the case around himself.  It was found when his body was discovered floating in the icy waters.



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