Random Thoughts and Laundry Detergent

I realized the other day that it has been several weeks since I have written a post for this blog.  So sorry about that!  I thought that once our home schooling was over (we finished 20 years in May), that I would have more time to devote to this blog.  Well, the summer proved to be busy, and I just didn’t get back here like I wanted to.  The garden is about finished…mainly because we have had too much rain and not enough sunshine!  We are just now getting our figs…about a month later than normal.

However slow I have been in writing, though, has not deterred my faithful readers from stopping by.  Just yesterday we passed the 10,000 views mark for this blog!!  I am totally impressed and thankful!

Quite a few views have been for 2 posts I wrote about mailing letters and packages to college kids at The Citadel and those going through Basic Military Training (BMT).  I am so glad that I can be of some help to wives, girlfriends, and moms who are learning the ropes of military life.

Since I posted last, Ben has gotten settled in at The Citadel for his 3rd year!  (How is it possible that he is a junior??)  He was  busy preparing for all the new Knobs to arrive, and then working with them now that they have.  The rest of the SC Corp of Cadets arrive in the next several days, and then classes will begin.  Ben has a full schedule this semester!!

Wedding plans for my two oldest are coming right along.  We are almost at the 2-month mark for Russ and Hope!!  They are busy with wedding preparations and getting their apartment ready.  Barbi and Sam have set their date for early May, so we still have some time for preparations.

My youngest has been working part time for the hubby and looking for another part time job to help fill his time. He is waiting for just a few minor details to be worked out and then should receive his dates for BMT with the Air Force. He is seeking to be part of the SC National Guard.  So, it looks like another trip to San Antonio will be in the works sometime in 2014!

The other day I decided to try making laundry detergent.  I had seen a recipe on Face Book shared by several of my friends, so I decided to give it a try.   I got the recipe from this website:  http://www.budget101.com/myo-household-items/whipped-cream-super-laundry-soap-3993.html I followed the recipe and directions exactly as they were written…no experimenting this time! It uses just  3 ingredients plus water…borax, washing soda, and Fels Naptha.

After the “cooking” part of the process, the jars sit a few hours upside down.

002While they sit upside down, the white part you see here gets quite thick.  After I turned them over, I removed the lid and used a knife to break up the thick soap.  The next step (step 8 in the recipe) totally amazed me!   I never knew that quart mason jars could be attached to the blade of a blender! Seriously, how did I never know that??  It could have saved me work and time over the years when I was making other things!

004Anyway, blend the mixture until it looks creamy…like mayonnaise!  Be sure to label your jars to prevent anyone from eating it!  I have used this laundry soap for quite a few loads of wash and no one in the family has complained!  Not even my one who delcared, “You aren’t using that stuff with my laundry!”  Oh, yes! I am! and he hasn’t even noticed!


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