Thank You for Your Patience

It seems like I am always beginning a post with an apology for my terrible neglect of this blog.  And I am doing it again today!  Life is still busy in the household, and I find myself just cooking the same old things. The reasons? Either there are only 2 of us here for dinner, or I am so busy that finding a new recipe and actually getting it cooked are not on the schedule.

I did take advantage of some sales at the grocery store this week and made my hubby a favorite. Here is the link for some of the best cabbage rolls!

So, why have I been so busy?  The first event is the bridal shower for my dear daughter!  Barbi was able to drive back home a few weeks ago for an afternoon bridal shower.  Quite a few of her friends were also able to come to town and gave her another shower in the evening! Here she is with her best friend from childhood and her maid of honor.



Shortly after the shower weekend, I was finally able to share some very important news. I have known this wonderful news since the end of January but was sworn to secrecy.  Can you guess what it is?  Yes!!! I am going to be a grandma!  The blessed event should occur near the beginning of September!



And the final part of my busyness is getting ready for a Charleston trip tomorrow.  Our cadet earned a spot on The Citadel’s Summerall Guards!!  This so exciting for us all.  If you want to learn more about the Summerall Guards, here is a link to tomorrow’s event.

So, there you have it.  Thanks for your patience! I will try to get my act together for new recipes next week! (After I address wedding invitations!)  🙂


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A mother-daughter project (our married names both begin with G) to rejuvenate our love of cooking and make meals creative and exciting! And now that I (mom) have discovered the Trim Healthy Mama way of cooking, I am trying to incorporate more healthful recipes!

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