The Merry, Merry Month of May

Today begins the merry month of May, and for me, it will be a marathon month.  I have lots going on beginning this Saturday and ending on June 5, so please pardon me if I don’t post much this month.

On Saturday I start my marathon of activities with an early morning flight out to Omaha to meet up with the Best Aunt Ever and drive back East. That drive, though it is 16 hours, will be a wonderful road trip!  We hope to be back home by the morning of the 5th.  On the 8th, the Best Aunt Ever and I will drive to Virginia  for the wedding of my girl and her Navy man!  The rest of the family makes the trip on the 9th.  You may remember about a year ago that my oldest 2 kiddlets got engaged within 24 hours of each other. You can read about it here.We had the first of the weddings last October, and now it’s time for the second of those weddings!!!  I am sooooo excited!

We will have a few weeks to rest and visit before we make the trip to Alabama for the wedding of my nephew and his girl.  Unfortunately, we will have to return home right after the wedding to allow  my youngest to be at home for his last Sunday. He leaves on June 3 for AF BMT. Once he leaves, he will be gone until January.  Saddness!    The Best Aunt Ever and I will also have to leave that day on our road trip back to Omaha so that I can catch my flight home on the 5th.

In the meantime, I want to share a new recipe for making your own laundry detergent.  Last summer I shared this recipe for making detergent.  I have been using it ever since…haven’t bought laundry detergent in almost a year!  Well, the other day I found a new recipe using the same ingredients.  I had no idea that I could make this detergent without cooking it to melt the soap!  I think that I will be making this new recipe from now on.  It is so much easier!

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