Keeping 9-11-01 in our Memories

It is hard for me to believe that is has been 14 years since the terrible morning that changed the lives of so many people. I am sure that all of us remember exactly where we were when we first heard the news of the planes hitting the towers. My children and I were at a home schooling co-op meeting at our church. We completed our morning, but each family went home subdued and not wanting to believe that such an event even occurred.

Some of our young people today don’t even remember 9-11 because they were too young or not even born yet. It is up to us to teach them what happened and help them realize what a tragedy it was. My children were just 5, 8, 10, and 12 years old, and they don’t remember a lot.

If you have been on social media today, you have probably seen lots of pictures and videos of the events of that fateful day. I am thankful that in my little corner of the Face Book world patriotism reigns supreme today! My heart hurts for the families who lost loved ones that day, but my heart also rejoices to see how people rose up to help others in any way that they could.

A friend shared this video today of a story that I had never heard. It is amazing! In case the link doesn’t work, it was posted by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management and is called Boat Lift 9/11 and narrated by Tom Hanks.


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