Spice it Up! (The Meats Version)

Well, the hubby and I have made it successfully through the first 4 days of this week eating on the THM plan! It feels so good to be eating better! We have even gotten our exercise in! This morning I was blessed to be able to share my morning walk with a dear friend from high school. We had planned to meet earlier in the week, but with morning temps down in the 20s, I opted to wait. This morning it was in the upper 30s–still cold, but much more bearable! Becky and I got in several miles of walking while we caught up on each other’s lives.  We hadn’t seen each other in about 8 years, so it was wonderful to be able to visit again.

Today I am sharing with you the spices and herbs that go well with meats. We eat a lot of chicken and fish in our house, and knowing the herbs and spices to use with them gives us a greater variety of flavors!

CHICKEN—basil, garlic, marjoram, rosemary, sage, tarragon, or thyme. These are best if you have them fresh from an herb garden.  Other spices are curry, ginger, or mustard

FISH—basil, bay leaf, chives, dill (the hubby’s favorite), marjoram, parsley, rosemary, thyme, or tarragon. Sometimes I also will sprinkle on allspice, cayenne pepper, curry powder or paprika

BEEF—basil, bay leaf, chives, garlic, marjoram, oregano, ground onion, parsley, rosemary, thyme, black pepper, paprika

PORK–basil, caraway, fennel, lemon, ground onion, ground garlic, parsley, sage, thyme, paprika, and black pepper

If you have even a small spot of yard near your back door, consider planting an herb garden. We have enjoyed our own chives, parsley, rosemary, and sage this year. Fresh always tastes better than dried!


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The Mrs. G's

A mother-daughter project (our married names both begin with G) to rejuvenate our love of cooking and make meals creative and exciting! And now that I (mom) have discovered the Trim Healthy Mama way of cooking, I am trying to incorporate more healthful recipes!

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