The Duo

Jan: a homemaker and mom of 4 who has been cooking for 22 years and is officially cooked-out.  After serving 6 people 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, for 22 years Jan is sick of kitchen work. Her love of cookbooks and recipes has dimmed in the face of mountainous stacks of dirty dishes and hours of cleaning that leave her feet sore and her back aching. An impressive library of 70+ cookbooks, recipe booklets, and recipe boxes sits in a corner of the kitchen, used only when inspiration hits and an extra few minutes of cooking time become available (a very rare occurence). Jan’s daily meal plans have been reduced to the grinding bordom of pulling meat out of the freezer, boiling potatoes, and throwing in random seasonings. Baking is the only kitchen activity that brings joy anymore, but unfortunately men cannot live by bread alone…

Barbi: an executive-in-training for a major fashion company, currently residing in Savannah, GA. She has a creative bent and possesses an annoying impulse to fix any problems that develop on her radar. While studying fashion design in college, Barbi lived (and ate) at home where she recognized her mom’s culinary lethargy. Being the solution-driven type, Barbi formulated a plan to make cooking exciting again.

Combining the neglected kitchen library, a love for blogs and writing,in spite of  Jan’s lack of technological ability, and a rainy Saturday afternoon with a little will-power, the mother-daughter duo launched the Experiment…

2 thoughts on “The Duo”

  1. I love this recipe and Grange is a dear friend of mine. I had loss the recipe or more likely put it somewhere that I can not remember . So instead of calling Grange I looked up Swiss cheese grits casseroles and was surprised to fine Grange’s online!
    It is a small world!

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