Mandarin Orange Chicken

Ever have one of those weeks? Or maybe one of those days?  This week has definitely been one of those weeks for me, and Monday was one of those days!  I am so thankful that the week is almost over…but the weekend is going to be super busy, too.  Barbi’s job is transferring her to a new store and Saturday is moving day! We’re planning to make the trip to help drive her truck and unload in her new apartment. She is saying good-bye to Savannah and hello to Atlanta!

Part of what made this week a little rough is that my hubby was out of town visiting his parents.  Of course, when hubby is away, things happen!  Yup! That’s what it was!  Anyway, when he visits with his folks, he always stops by a charming little market run by Mennonite families in the area. They usually have great prices on fresh produce.  This time he was able to get me almost a bushel of apples for just $5.50!

No, they were not all perfectly shaped, but they have been great for baking.  Today I made 2 apple pies (one for dinner and one for the freezer) and a crock pot full of apple sauce.  I still have apples left, but I’ll get to them another time.

Last night I was wanting a different recipe for chicken and remembered seeing a mandarin orange recipe a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember which cookbook had the recipe!  I’m so thankful for the internet!  I just did a search and found this recipe from Taste of Home. I know it is in one of my Taste of Home Cookbooks, but I found it super fast on the computer!  I’ll not write out the entire recipe, but will give you the link here:

The only changes I made were with the rosemary.  I didn’t have dried, but I do have a rosemary plant outside my back door.  So I just cut off a sprig and cut some fresh rosemary leaves!  I also baked my chicken in the oven, then thickened the sauce to pour over the chicken and rice.  I was short on time to stand at the stove and brown the chicken!   Served over rice and with a side of broccoli, this makes a great dinner!  Enjoy!