The Best Ant Poison!

Until a few years ago, I had never had ants in my kitchen.  I don’t know what happened those years ago, but it seems like I have to fight ants every summer now.  At that time a friend of mine introduced me to using borax to kill the ants.  All I had to do was sprinkle a little bit on some jam or jelly and set it out on small pieces of aluminum foil.   This summer I sprinkled it on honey which seemed to work just as well.  However, the ants came back.

This summer I saw a recipe on face book which used borax, but mixed with sugar and water.  This is amazing!! I have not had ants for weeks now!!  I even used it on my front porch on the ants who kept thinking that the cat food was for them.  No more ants there either!!  Give it a try if you have ants in your kitchen!

1 c. sugar

3 tbsp. borax

3 c. warm water.

Mix sugar and borax. Slowly add the water while stirring.  Keep stirring until completely dissolved.  Store in a sealed and labeled jar.

*I cut this recipe in half since I knew I probably didn’t need so much!

To Use:  put some cotton balls in a small lid and pour the mixture over until cotton is completely soaked.  Place lid in area where ants are (out of reach of children!)  The ants will come to drink the mixture and take the poison down to their nests!  It just took a day or two in my kitchen, but about 3-4 days out on my porch.  Keep adding poison to cotton as long as you see live ants.