Repurposed Bread Pans

My hubby and I just got back from spending the weekend with our Citadel cadet down in Charleston.  We had a great time enjoying Corp Day…the birthday of The Citadel. The weather was almost perfect. If it hadn’t been for the strong, cold wind it would have been absolutely perfect!  I.nearly.froze!  Ben stayed warm because he was wearing his full dress uniform:Image

Before we left I had been working on an idea for recycling my old bread pans. After nearly 25 years of use, they  definitely needed to be thrown out. However, since I grew up with parents who lived through the Great Depression, I learned to re-use items if at all possible before deciding to throw them out.   Here is how nasty my bread pans looked:


I decided that they were the perfect size to use as flower pots!  I took a nail and put three holes in the bottom for drainage.  Then I sanded the entire outside of each pan, and spray painted them. I used a paint that is also primer.  Now they are ready for some brightly colored flowers to attract hummingbirds this summer!