Citrus Oil Lamps

Have you noticed how many recipes seem to be popping up on your facebook newsfeed lately?  I see new recipes being shared all the time from one source or another.  I saw this experiment last week, but I have no clue which friend shared it or what the source was.  If I knew, I would be sure to post it.

Anyway, it looked easy and fun to try, so today I made an orange/coconut oil lamp!  Any citrus fruit can be used with any kitchen oil.  I used coconut oil with half an orange.

Use a citrus half that has a definite core showing in the center.

004Using a serrated knife, cut around the orange and down the inside to completely remove the fleshy part of the fruit. Be careful not to prick through the rind.

005Pour your choice of oil into the citrus half.  Light the core for a miniature oil lamp!  Since the core is damp, it may take several tries to get it to stay lit.  I think I used about 4 matches before it finally took hold.

006Mine has been burning about half and hour and I am beginning to smell a lovely aroma of orange and coconut!