Chocolaty Banana Crepes

Today I finally had to dispose of my very favorite measuring spoons.  There really wasn’t anything special about them except for the fact that they had been my mom’s.  Since they had been hers, they were special to me.  I have used them a lot in the years that I have had them, but since they were made of plastic, their life span was never intended to be as long as it was…about 10 years!  The cracks in two of them finally became wide enough that the oil I was measuring dripped out of the crack!


Thankfully, one of our local grocery stores has a name brand measuring spoon set on sale this week at half off the regular price!  So I finally gave in and got the new ones.  Aren’t they pretty?


This morning I decided to make something for breakfast that I have never made before.  Crepes!  I have no idea why I haven’t tried them.  Maybe I always thought that they were just too hard to get just right.  Thanks to Leighann over at Living with Three Hobbits and a Giant, I discovered that they are very simple to make and taste just fabulous!  I spread mine with a cocoa-hazelnut spread and banana slices before I wrapped them.  You can use any variety of filling that you choose!

Here is Leighann’s recipe along with pictures that she took while making hers.