Tomato Pie

Even though I planted just 4 tomato plants this summer, I have been blessed with quite a few tomatoes!  I have made 3 batches of salsa for the family…1 batch of fresh and 2 batches of cooked. I have canned several quarts of tomato juice, have frozen about 8 quarts of tomatoes, and have given tomatoes away!  Today I tried something new: tomato pie.  I had never made nor eaten tomato pie before, and think that this recipe is just amazing!  Even family members who are not thrilled with eating tomatoes liked this pie! It does take some time for preparing the tomatoes, so don’t decide to make this pie at 4:00 pm and have it ready to eat by 6:00!  The key to a perfect tomato pie is to let the tomatoes dehydrate before putting them in the pie shell.  My friend slices hers and lets them sit on paper towels over night.  I used my food dehydrator for about 2-1/2 hours.  My tomato slices could have been a little bit drier than they were, but the pie still turned out great!

1 deep dish pre-baked pie shell (I used a 10-inch pie shell.)

5-6 medium tomatoes, sliced and dehydrated

1 medium onion, sliced and sauteed

dried basil, garlic, salt and pepper to taste

cheese slices (I used cheddar, but next time will use Swiss.)

1 cup mayonnaise

1 cup grated cheese

Line the cool, baked pie shell with the cheese slices. Cover the sides as well as the bottom of the pie shell.  Place tomato slices over the cheese and some onion slices over the tomatoes.  Sprinkle with dried basil, garlic powder, salt and pepper.  Repeat layers until all tomatoes and onions are used.  Combine the mayonnaise and grated cheese.  Stir well.  Spread over the top of the pie.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes.  Serve as a side dish with grilled chicken and rice!