Busy Days!

Whoever said that life slows down once the kids are grown was clueless! Either that person never had kids or was not personally involved with them!  I am experiencing a different kind of busy these days.  I no longer school any of them, one is engaged to be married, one is married, one is away at college, and my “baby” is working and preparing to leave for BMT in June.  For some reason, it still takes me a while to finish projects that I start.  Actually, it takes me time to get projects started. Seriously, what is my problem??

Last week, my married son graduated from a 3-week program at the state police academy for his job.  It was a hard 3 weeks, but he did great!


This week I was able to spend a few days with my girl in Virginia working on her wedding plans. I was so glad to be able to be with her!! Unfortunately, it rained the entire time I was there…a very cold and windy rain. But spending time with her was priceless!

She and her man just closed on a house, so her apartment days are almost over!

004 While there, Barbi made some amazing lettuce wraps. Of course, I forgot to get the recipe from her, but once I do, I will share it here.

This afternoon while browsing at a local consignment shop, I spotted a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook. Even though I have 70+ cookbooks/booklets, I have never had one of these.  I just had to get it at the amazing price of $5.00!!  This red and white gingham-print cookbook has many memories for me. It is the only cookbook that I remember my mother using! I remember hers being very tattered and torn, spotted and splattered from many years of use.  Several months ago I was thinking about her cookbook and realized that I don’t have it.  Unfortunately, my sister doesn’t have it either. Neither of us remember finding it after Mom passed away back in 2007.  I really wish that one of us have it, but evidently Mom either gave it away or threw it away without ever telling either of us.  So sad!!  At least I have a similar one now! Can’t wait to see what great recipes I will find within its pages!