Finding Beauty

Although the month of February is the shortest month of the year, it seems to me that this year, it has been much longer than its 28 days! It could be because we have had record cold temperatures this month as well as 2 snow days and 1 icy day. And of course, I was looking forward all month to last weekend when all of my children were home! When I have something special like that to look forward to, it seems like it takes forever to come!  Finding beauty during trying times or slow-moving months helps to give me a joyful heart in spite of the circumstances!

1. We didn’t get the 5-7″ of snow that was in the forecast this week, but even our inch was beautiful!



2. Flowers from the hubby



3. ¬†My sweet little darlin’



4. Finished crochet projects



5. Laughter and family fun



What beauty have you found today?