New Food Processor!

Last summer when I was chopping tomatoes to make some fresh salsa, my old food processor died. Yes, died…right in the middle of a batch of tomatoes I was chopping.  That food processor had been a faithful friend for 24 years!  I had bought it used just before we were married and had used it a lot over the years.  Since that time last summer, I have been using a mini food processor that came with my blender.  It wasn’t the best to use for large batches of tomatoes and such, but it worked and was better than nothing.

Last week my guys surprised me with a brand new processor for my birthday!  I am thrilled!!!  The other day I used it for the first time to chop tomatoes, onions, peppers, etc. for a fresh batch of salsa!  It is amazing…and so very quiet compared to my old one!