End of Summer

It is hard to believe that we have arrived at the end of September! For some reason, it seems like September would never end!  Anyway, the weather has been gorgeous the last few days…low humidity and cooler temperatures!  I just love fall!!

Today I decided it was about time to harvest the final peppers from the garden.  Here is what I got:

001My half-bushel basket was just about full!!  These are jalapenos, hot chili peppers, and several varieties of bells.

I also noticed a visitor the other day just hanging around the house:


Last Saturday I took advantage of the beautiful weather to pull up my remaining summer flowers and plant pansies. Remember my repurposed bread pans? (https://cookbookexperiment.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/repurposed-bread-pans/ )  Here they are with their new fall flowers!


Pickled Peppers and Kitchen Memories

As I mentioned in a post several weeks ago, we have been getting lots of peppers this year…mainly our hot peppers, although the bell peppers aren’t doing too badly either.  My hubby is the only member of the family who enjoys eating hot peppers freshly picked from the plant.  The kids enjoy them in salsa and shrimp dip, but never just eating plain!  Since we have such an abundance, I have been working on ways to preserve them for future use.  The hubs came up with the idea of pickling them, so I did some searching for a good,  easy recipe.  None of my favorite cookbooks had recipes for pickling peppers, so I went to the internet like any modern-day lady would do.  Sure enough! I found several recipes!  This one came from allrecipes.com and calls for padron peppers.  I don’t have any of that variety, but have tons of jalapenos and hot chili peppers.

http://allrecipes.com/recipe/pickled-padron-peppers/detail.aspx  I used 2 small jars and cut the peppers in half instead of using a quart jar with whole peppers.


The other day as I was making hamburger patties, I started reminiscing about my mom and the way she did things in the kitchen.  I realized that my hamburger patty shaper is the same one she used for years!  This of course got me thinking about other kitchen tools I have that once were hers.  I pulled out a few of these to share in a picture with you.  The canning funnel, hamburger patty shaper, and gravy shaker are all made of aluminum, and must be about 57 years old!  The whisk was given to my mom years ago before we ever moved from NJ, so it also is quite old, probably about 45 years old.  I still use all of these except the gravy shaker.  I just can’t seem to get the lid on tightly enough to keep it from leaking when I shake it!