Some Kitchen Memories

Earlier this week I was reminded of a kitchen tool from years ago when my children were small.  My mother, Granny to my children, either purchased or was given a novelty-type ice cream scoop.  Sam reminded me of this the other day and was wondering where it was.  “Do you remember how afraid I was of it, Mom?” he asked.   Well, I remembered that one of my kiddos was afraid of it, but I didn’t remember that it was Sam.

Want to know why he was afraid of an ice cream scoop?  Take a look at the picture and you might just guess why!

ImageIt wasn’t the cute face that bothered him, but the noise it made!  Every time it was turned upside down to scoop ice cream, it mooed!  Sam was only about 2 or 3 years old at the time, and it really frightened him! We tried to get it to work again, but one of the old batteries is eroding and is stuck in the handle!  Oh, well.  Anyone know how to get a stuck battery out?