Kitchen Tools Old and New

While working in the kitchen yesterday, cutting up veggies for the hubby’s evening salad, I realized that my knives needed to be sharpened. I am so thankful for this vintage electric knife sharpener that was my mom’s.


I have no idea how old it is, but it still works famously for sharpening knives! I love it! The only problem that I do have with it is that it was made for a right-handed person. I am left-handed, so I have to do the “cross over” move to use it!

The immersion blender that Sam gave me for Christmas has become my new favorite kitchen tool.  It is amazing!!! I have no idea when this handy-dandy little gadget was invented, but I sure do wish I had had one a long time ago! It is such a time-saver!  Seriously!! I can whip up eggs for omelets in less than 15 seconds! And when I need to blend the veggies in my broccoli cheddar soup, I just stick it in the pot and mix! It’s done in seconds!  No more pouring the soup into the big blender, blending, and then returning it to the pot and repeating the process until the entire batch is done.  And you know what else? Clean-up is a breeze, and the hubby loves it, too! He mixes his own protein smoothies after every workout!  You can read about the one I have here.