The Commentators

In-House Critics

Tim/Dad:  With a sophisticated sense of taste, he prides himself on his ability to pick out the slightest seasoning in almost any dish. His only picky point is lemons.

Russ: Second child. Relatively unresponsive about what goes in his mouth but harbors secret frying-pan-wielding abilities. No vocalized picky points.

Ben: Third child. Highly responsive about.. well, everything. Most of his responses are limited to loud, unintelligable exclamations that usually involve some kind of musical tune, so it’s always high-praise when he uses real words. Picky points include boiled eggs, beans, and sausage.

Sam: Fourth child. Responses are usually voiced in the form of a question such as, “what’s in this?”, “is that new?”, and “do I have to eat that?”. We have to interpret the tone of the question in order to determine his opinion. Picky points include, but are not limited to, tuna, processed cheese, cooked carrots, tomato-based dishes, any cooked vegetable, a long list of soups, various salad dressings, and anything that hasn’t been refrigerated long enough.


Guest Judges

Hope: Russ’s girlfriend, who we like a lot. No picky points that we know of, but this is probably because she is afraid of insulting her boyfriend’s mother and sister. We will shamelessly use this to our advantage.

Jer: A cousin in the University. A few picky points, but we can’t remember them because he keeps them very secret. A gentleman to the core.

4 thoughts on “The Commentators”

  1. I LOVE reading about your adventure!!!! May you find much joy and reward in it!!!
    Love ya cuz’s!!!!

  2. I like just about everything Jan cooks up. I will eat everything she cooks up. About the lemons … I don’t like lemon deserts – thank you very much. Tim.

  3. Jan, I have nominated you for two awards. I’m new to this and so, I take it seriously, and I love reading your blog, and have missed it during your busy year this year. Please see my page and read it. Copy and paste it and answer the questions, and pay it forward to those you would like to see recognized. xoxo

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